Sustainable environmental and climate protection: we’re joining in!

Afforestation projects in Germany, Greece an Africa


Since November 2019, Plantafood Medical has been a climate protection partner of PLANT-MY-TREE®. The environmental and climate protection concept has won us over. That is why we have sponsored 50 trees and will be sponsoring a further 42 trees at the beginning of 2021! That is why we have taken on responsibility for sponsoring 50 trees! This is because "every tree Counts" and "climate protection is great"!


Reforestation projects for CO² compensation throughout Germany

Since 2009, PLANT-MY-TREE® has been conducting afforestation projects to offset CO² throughout Germany. The aim is to protect the environment and the climate in Germany, i.e. in the same place our CO² emissions occur.

Since 2020, PLANT-MY-TREE® has conducted forest restoration and protection projects in addition to the initial afforestation, emphasising biodiversity and rejecting monocultures. Regional conditions are taken into account and, if possible, mixed forests are planted. Over the decades, this creates a natural habitat for insects and animals.

Sustainable tree plantations on primarily company-owned land as well as planned project durations of at least 99 years, during which no deforestation or economic use may take place, underline the long-term climate protection goals of PLANT-MY-TREE®. At the request of our project partners, we also carry out afforestation on land that has been made available to us. The focus is also on long-term CO2 offsetting with tailored project durations.

Quality, experience, satisfied cooperation partners and a good feeling are also essential in environmental and climate protection. PLANT-MY-TREE® was successfully certified by TÜV Rheinland for compliance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 at the beginning of 2020.

Together with many large and small partners, PLANT-MY-TREE® contributes to environmental and climate protection under the motto “Every tree counts” and “Climate protection is fun” so that future generations can inherit a world worth living in.


Climate protection partner 2021 of PLANT-MY-TREE®

   ÜbersetzungsergebnisseTree certificate 2021 from PLANT-MY-Tree about the tree sponsorship of 42 trees from Plantafood Medical GmbH 


Tree certificate from PLANT-MY-Tree about the tree sponsorship of 50 trees from Plantafood Medical GmbH


Cretan Aenaon: tree sponsorship

In early 2021, our Managing Director Manfred Scheffler became the tree protection sponsor for a young olive tree on the island of Crete. CRETAN AENAON was founded by Karl and Christina Röske and has already secured a large number of tree sponsors. One of the most prominent supporters is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  Creatan Aenaon Karl Röske

AENAON means eternal, constant, lasting – which is a sign of the feeling that this place evokes: Let time stand still, and may I stay here forever!

Since 2020, Karl and Christina Röske have been tending to areas on Crete that have not been farmed for many years. This is mainly due to the ageing of the farming population and the lack of young farmers. Young people are moving to the cities and few want to pursue a profession that combines hard physical work with low pay.

The aim of CRETAN AENAON, the initiative launched by Karl and Christina Röske, is to practise sustainable and low-resource agriculture. The restoration of the olive groves is a true labour of love. The landscape should be preserved for future generations, for both cultural heritage and biodiversity.

The aim is to protect and care for 5,000 old and 25,000 middle-aged olive trees and to replant and cultivate 100,000 olive trees of rare or forgotten varieties. Biodiversity should enable us all to enjoy different flavours of olive oil again, and not just "one-size-fits-all" olive oil.

Become a tree sponsor too!
You can find more information and prominent supporters on the website:



Tree partnership certificate for a young olive tree planted in Crete in 2021


treedom - let's green the planet®

We have been an enthusiastic treedom friend since February 2020. We have since supported the planting of 66 cocoa trees (33 trees in February 2020 and 33 more trees in January 2021) in Cameroon! We – and you – can continuously track the trees, their care, growth and much more on our public profile at A first-class environmental Project!


treedom® friend 2021

Sustainable ecosystems through planting in agroforestry projects

Treedom claims that it is the only platform in the world that allows you to plant a tree remotely and follow it online. All trees are planted directly by smallholders, which creates environmental and social benefits for their communities. Tree planting in agroforestry projects creates sustainable ecosystems that, among other things, bind CO2, maintain biodiversity, combat soil erosion and desertification, and contribute to reforestation. Smallholders' care for the trees and the sale of the products at local markets create sustainable jobs, fair income opportunities, and long-term food security. In an effort to encourage participation, transparency and visibility, each tree planted is photographed, geo-located and displayed on its own profile page – because each tree has its own story. Regular updates keep you up to date with how the tree is planted.