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Plantafood Medical GmbH is qualified as a manufacturer of animal feed in accordance with EU Regulation 183/2005 and is registered with the Trier Regulatory and Service Authority.

FPlantafood Medical GmbH, Animals Department - Foodeed is the term used to describe all forms of animal food. The term encompasses all food for animals kept by humans, such as farm animals, sports animals or pets. Feed is always adapted to the respective animal species and is subject to state control and approval criteria in Germany. We work closely and constructively with the State Authority for Supplementary Feed on supplementary feed.

We also offer a wide range of raw materials in the feed sector. Just like with products for humans, you can choose between capsules, tablets and powder.

We will be happy to advise you on developing or optimising your recipe. Or we can use a standard recipe.

We have prepared further information for you on www.animals-plantafood.de.

Legal definition of “supplementary feed”

Supplementary feed is feed that supplements one or more feed materials in order to provide an adequate diet and to ensure a balanced supply of nutrients to working animals.

According to Section 1 (1) No. 2 of the German Feed Regulation (Futtermittelverordnung), supplementary feeds are compound feeds which have a higher content of certain substances (in particular ingredients or additives) than complete feeds for the respective animal category and which, due to their composition, are designed to contribute to meeting the nutritional needs of the animals by supplementing other feeds.

The Feed Regulation defines supplementary feed as feed that has a higher content of certain substances (e.g. minerals or trace elements) and that can supplement other feed.

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