FAQ frequently asked Questions

Health products, food supplements, contract manufacturing, private label, ...

What is the minimum order quantity?
We produce the goods you require from a minimum quantity of 25,000 capsules or 50 kg of powder.


Do we have to supply you with a ready-made formula?
You can do that, but you don't have to. We would also be happy to develop your desired formula together with you.


Will there be additional costs for the development of formulas?
No, the costs for formula development are included in the total price.


Can we obtain a registered design for the product we want?
Yes, we will create registered designs for you free-of-charge.


Can you provide us with legal advice regarding labels, advertising, etc.?
We cannot (and must not) offer any legal advice. Upon request, we will be happy to recommend an experienced legal practitioner specialising in this field.


Does packaging have to be provided?
Yes, labels and folding boxes must be provided by the customer.


Are there different packaging options?
Yes, we work together with various manufacturers so we can offer you a variety of different tins, jars, etc. for your product.