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E-mail to NEM e. V. from Alexander Krauß | Member of the German Bundestag: MTA Reform Act – Activities of alternative practitioners

Dear colleagues, dear alternative practitioners,

I am extremely pleased to inform you that we, as the Health Working Group of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, have succeeded in maintaining the current legal situation relating to your interests within the framework of the MTA Reform Act to your benefit. This is a great success, which has been achieved only by overcoming a number of obstacles.

Today, the MTA Reform Act passed the Bundestag – with no adverse effects for alternative practitioners.

I would like to thank in particular the spokesperson of our working group, Karin Maag, the responsible parliamentary correspondent, Emmi Zeulner, as well as my colleagues Dr Roy Kühne, Stephan Pilsinger and our committee chairman Erwin Rüddel.

The argumentation presented by your colleagues Homeira Heidary (BDHN/IQHP) and Ursula Hilpert-Mühlig (FDH) at the public hearing of the Health Committee also proved to be very pertinent and effective.

This hearing dealt with the controversial issue of what powers alternative practitioners should have in terms of laboratory activities. Our amendments have resulted in the current law being upheld. This means that it is still possible to directly request activities from medical technologists without the involvement of a doctor, and the results of these activities can be used to diagnose a disease or to assess its course. Alternative practitioners continue to be named as persons who may also perform activities reserved for medical technologists under Section 5 MTBG-E.

The Federal Ministry of Health has commissioned a comprehensive legal report on the law on alternative practitioners, as a result of which it will be examined as a whole in a careful discussion process and discussed with regard to possible further measures. This process encompasses the whole spectrum of alternative therapies as well.

Given this background, it is of enormous importance for you as alternative practitioners to continue to pursue successful professional policy and to actively participate in the upcoming reform; presenting yourselves as far as possible as a united professional group to the outside world.

I hope I have given you a brief overview of the current situation, wish you every success in your upcoming internal reform process and promise you that I will continue to work in the interest of your profession and therefore for the benefit of patients.

With very warm wishes,
Alexander Krauß MdB


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