Product idea and product design

The first step to your innovative, successful health product

Do you have an idea for a food supplement, a food for special medical purposes (balanced diet), an organic product according to the EU-Regulation on Organic Agriculture (Öko-VO), a functional food, a special food, a class I medical device, a cosmetic product, a feed supplement or animal feed? We can develop your innovative health product together with you. Your idea, your product.

Our Research and Development department is at your disposal for this purpose with a team of qualified trophologists, ecotrophologists, biologists, engineers, food technicians, business economists, marketing specialists and commercial experts, who will also help you in the search for relevant nutritional studies and international raw materials to meet your wishes and requirements.

Among other things, we are supported by our extensive network of national and international universities, which ensure that we remain up-to-date with new research results and the latest developments taking shape in the healthcare market.

Product idea and product conception of food Supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and more

If you already have a marketing and sales concept in place, we will coordinate the product conceptualisation phase to match. If you already have a proposed formula, we will be happy to review it to ensure its optimum composition from a nutritional science perspective and for its legal and technical feasibility, for example, whether the maximum permitted quantities are complied with, whether it contains medicinal substances or whether the desired formula can be produced. Are you looking for a product for a special topic, but do not yet have a precise idea? Then we will be happy to develop formula proposals for you based on raw materials that are interesting from a nutritional science standpoint, or which fulfil a product characteristic that you require.

Professional expertise and many years of experience in the production of food supplements give us the confidence to accompany our customers in the development of individual formulas and provide professional advice so that your product wishes can be transformed into reality. Aside from the technical manufacturing/production and packing of your health product, our service portfolio also includes product development, formula optimisation, marketing & sales, logistics, quality management, quality control and much more.

You too can benefit from our almost 20 years of experience as a Full Service contract manufacturer -
we will be happy to advise you.

We remain at your disposal for all questions concerning product development, formula development, the production and marketing of health products such as food supplements, medical devices Class I, cosmetic productsorganic products in accordance with the EU-Regulation on Organic Agriculture (Öko-VO), vital mushrooms, essential oilsfood for special medical purposes (balanced diet), special Foodsfunctional foods, feed supplements and animal feed. Feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to advise you - personally and tailored precisely to your needs.