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Health products that are made in Germany: for sustainable business success

Despite Corona: the food supplement industry is booming!

Sales of food supplements continued to grow in 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic amplified this trend even further. This is because many people have only now become aware of how important health and physical and mental wellbeing are. Even politicians are becoming much more interested in preventive health and holistic medicine! 

Manfred Scheffler – as Managing Director of Plantafood Medical and in his function as President of NEM e. V. – advocates this in personal discussions with politicians as well. Read more about his visit to the Bundestag in October 2020 /(German language) …

Insight Health Statistik

Source: Germany: Supplements/supplemented balanced diets, public pharmacies INSIGHT Health 2014-2020, mail order pharmacies, DatamedIQ 2017-2020, EVP sale

We believe that the food supplement industry is one of the few stable and crisis-proof economic sectors worldwide! 

That is why NOW is a great time to get started as an entrepreneur in the food supplement industry.

Read the detailed article in German" Deutschland: Nahrungsergänzungen 2014 bis Oktober 2020" in nutrition-press, January 2021 issue (Fachzeitschrift für Mikronährstoffe, publisher: NEM e. V.) on pages 50 and 51:

Are you looking for a contract manufacturer and/or innovative product ideas?

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As a contract manufacturer, we feel right at home in all relevant distribution channels, both nationally and internationally – both in the “real” world as well as online: pharmacies, drugstores, online shops, multi-level distribution, direct sales, network marketing, teleshopping, social media and many more. Our customers operating in the human and veterinary product sectors include well-known companies as well as start-ups.

Your advantages at Plantafood MedicalYour benefits
from Plantafood

  • Nearly 20 years of experience in the health and food industries
  • First-class sales and marketing know-how 
  • Professional and cost-effective support in eCommerce (online retailing), e.g. product positioning on Amazon and in online pharmacies
  • Strong contacts and cooperation partners to position your health product on the domestic and foreign markets, e.g. export to the USA
  • Large pool of first-class service providers, e.g. designers (web, print), packaging materials, logistics
  • Large pool of trusted experts, e.g. specialists, lawyers and institutes for greater legal certainty
  • Over 70 ready-made food supplement formulations for standard products with health claims
  • Production of even small and very small quantities

Given that we also produce in very small quantities at a genuine value-for-money price, even start-up companies can offer products under their own brand (“Private Label”).

You too can benefit from our 10+ years of experience, our competence and our Expertise

In fixed dosage forms, we primarily produce hard gelatine capsules, cellulose capsules, gastro-resistant capsules, soft gelatine capsules, tablets, extruded products and granulates. The powder products we manufacture for beverages and soups are characterised by their optimal sensory properties. The production of liquid products, packaged in drinking bottles, also forms part of our portfolio. We are also qualified and certified in the production of cosmetics: From active cosmetics to natural cosmetic products, whether classic or innovative – we can produce your ideal cosmetic product. “Health for both inside and out” as a slogan and marketing strategy is one of many ideas for marketing and sales, which we are happy to implement together with you.

Our success-driven team of qualified trophologists, ecotrophologists, biologists, engineers, food technicians, business economists, marketing specialists and commercial experts is both highly qualified and motivated to develop a health product for you, too, while simultaneously meeting the highest standards and ensuring that your product is really well-received by your customers – the end consumers.

Why not take advantage of our sales and marketing expertise, as well as our impressive range of contacts, to successfully position your health product on the market.