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Future-proof dietary supplement industry: Health is the greatest good

Despite Corona: the food supplement industry is booming!

Sales of food supplements continued to grow in 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic amplified this trend even further. This is because many people have only now become aware of how important health and physical and mental wellbeing are. Even politicians are becoming much more interested in preventive health and holistic medicine! 

Manfred Scheffler – as Managing Director of Plantafood Medical and in his function as President of NEM e. V. – advocates this in personal discussions with politicians as well. Read more about his visit to the Bundestag in October 2020 /(German language) …

Insight Health Statistik

Source: Germany: Supplements/supplemented balanced diets, public pharmacies INSIGHT Health 2014-2020, mail order pharmacies, DatamedIQ 2017-2020, EVP sale

We believe that the food supplement industry is one of the few stable and crisis-proof economic sectors worldwide! 

That is why NOW is a great time to get started as an entrepreneur in the food supplement industry.

Read the detailed article in German" Deutschland: Nahrungsergänzungen 2014 bis Oktober 2020" in nutrition-press, January 2021 issue (Fachzeitschrift für Mikronährstoffe, publisher: NEM e. V.) on pages 50 and 51:

  • Your advantages as a startup company with food supplements, foods, cosmetics and more
  • Your advantages as a startup company with food supplements, foods, cosmetics and more


We support start-ups in successfully positioning themselves in the healthcare market

Do you want to realise your ideas at a professional level? Then you have come to the right place. We will be delighted to help you, whatever it is you need. Start-up companies are close to our heart! They are the future of our entire economy. Our society needs young entrepreneurs like you to develop a community life shaped by Innovation.

The focus of our corporate philosophy is on nutritional product development. We are also seasoned experts in food law. The products of Plantafood Medical GmbH and our manufacturing processes are made possible by state-of-the-art science and technology. Professional competence and the ability to work as a team are among the most important qualifications of our employees.

We also help you to position your products on the market in a way that complies in full with the law, and we support you in meeting regulatory requirements.

The Managing Partner of Plantafood Medical is also the co-founder and chairman of the food supplement industry association “NEM e.V.” . The extensive expertise and expansive network enjoyed by this association are also made available to you as a young entrepreneur on particularly favourable terms.


Benefits Plantafood offers you as a start-up

  • Nearly 20 years of experience in the health and food industries 
  • Products and services in all areas “just like the big companies”
  • Production of even very small quantities    
  • Over 70 ready-made food supplement formulations for standard products with health claims    
  • First-class sales and marketing know-how 
  • Professional and cost-effective support in online retailing, e.g. positioning your products on Amazon and in online pharmacies    
  • Strong contacts and cooperation partners to position your new health product or new company on the domestic and foreign markets, e.g. export to the USA    
  • Extensive pool of first-class service providers, e.g. in design (web, print), packaging materials, logistics    
  • Extensive pool of trusted experts for greater legal certainty: e.g. specialists, lawyers, Institutes

NEW! The golden book

for STARTUP companies
in the health/health food industry

Excerpt from our START-UP brochure

Generate revenue right from the start
The step into self-employment

There are three routes that you can take as a business start-up. You can start up with your own idea, or with a franchise or take over an existing company as part of business succession. Your idea represents the starting point for setting up your business. But an idea on its own is not enough – it is how you put it into action that counts! Successful implementation requires good planning. This is the focus of the following tips we have prepared for you when setting up your business: What should you do if you want to start your own company? Idea, business plan, legal form, financing, registration of property rights, notary appointments, contracts etc.



  • Earn money from the beginning
  • The right business idea
  • Planning Phase
  • Operational Organisation
  • Clear business Goals
  • How can I reach and win over customers efficiently?
  • Company legal form, account and contracts
  • What does my company look like?
  • Why are YOU the most important thing in your business plan?
  • Stay realistic and plan in buffers!
  • Management Summary
  • No Jargon
  • Company presentation
  • Financing & funding – funding opportunities
  • Brand protection, company name, Domain
  • Insurances
  • Secure corporate Financing
  • What permits are required?
  • Foundation Phase
  • Public presence – website: domain, design, legal Details
  • Which office do I have to register at?
  • Which authorities do I need?
  • Winning clients – how do I deal with clients?
  • Support when I form a Company
  • Equipment and technologies – saving costs in the Office
  • Growing successfully after founding a Business
  • Finance and accounting – bookkeeping/Controlling
  • Personnel
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Labour law
  • Hygiene
  • Quality Management
  • Data protection
  • Unfair practice associations
  • Lawyers
  • Economy
  • Product Benefits
  • Goods import/Export
  • Procurement
  • Marketing (distribution)
  • Corporate governance and management Consulting
  • Business Mediation
  • Environmental Management
  • Logistics
  • Non-binding tariff advice
  • Important import/export Questions