Cosmetic products, natural cosmetic products (skin care)

Product development, contract manufacturing, private Label

Cosmetics, beauty, wellness & wellbeing: current topics that are as old as mankind itself! The Coronavirus pandemic has increased everybody’s ‘media presence’, and as a result the need for cosmetics and beauty products has continued to rise. This makes the future-proof growth market of natural cosmetics particularly attractive. Climate protection, environmental awareness, sustainability and organic products are decisive purchasing criteria for a growing number of people.


IMPORTANT INFO: "Active cosmetic product"

Cosmetics for us is skin health. For this reason we have decided to specialize and limit ourselves in contract production. We are very happy to provide you with Wirk-Cosmetik products, which are developed and manufactured in our group, as PRIVATE LABEL . Interested? Then write to us at or call us at +49 6746 94110.

Decisive competitive advantage: increase appeal for new customers and customer loyalty

Secure your share of the constantly growing cosmetics market – not only if you are a distributor of cosmetic products, but also if you are a cosmetics studio, alternative practitioner, organic shop, etc.! Benefit from the decisive competitive advantage: your OWN cosmetic product! Increase your visibility (online and offline), your reputation and your expert status! This will increase the loyalty of your existing customers and boost your appeal to new ones. Your claim, your label!

Skin health is our concern: Skin protection through valuable, healthy cosmetics.

We are also happy to advise you on cosmetics products and formulation development, selection of raw materials, product registration, market entry, marketing, legal issues, and much more. Of course, this also applies to food supplements, the “internal cosmetics”. 

Production even in small quantities
and in the smallest batches:

from 50 kg cream, lotion, gel, spray

Cosmetics / natural cosmetics in contract manufacturing and as private label


Standard-Products - Dealer Log-inAre you interested in our standard products (Private Label) with formula numbers and health claims? Would you like product samples or specimens? Get in touch via mail, we look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to advise you!


Plantafood Medical cosmetic products as Private Label

PlantaVis Lotion

Zeolite Lotion

Apply to affected skin areas to soothe any irritation or blemishes, or as an after-sun lotion to aid Regeneration.

   Incense for incense lotion

Frankincense Lotion

Minimises tightness and increases vitality and elasticity to the special skin areas around the joints, e.g. hips, knees, feet and hands.

Your own (natural) cosmetic product, your own (natural) cosmetic brand

The certification according to Germany Industry Standards DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 13485 also allows us to manufacture cosmetics. Our quality system covers the applicable guidelines of GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practice”) for cosmetic products and also fulfils the requirements for HACCP (“Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points”).

Ihr eigener Kosmetikladen, Ihre eigene Kosmetiklinie

Your advantages at Plantafood MedicalYour benefits from Plantafood 

  • Nearly 20 years of experience in the cosmetics Industry
  • First-class sales and marketing know-how 
  • Professional and cost-effective support in eCommerce (online retailing), e.g. positioning your cosmetics on Amazon and in online pharmacies
  • Strong contacts and cooperation partners to position your cosmetic product on the domestic and foreign markets, e.g. export to the USA
  • Large pool of first-class service providers and experts, e.g. designers (web, print), packaging materials, logistics, experts, lawyers and institutes for greater legal certainty
  • Production of even small and very small quantities

The most important information for you at a glance

On behalf of our commercial customers, we develop, produce and market cosmetic products and natural cosmetic products in / for the following ...

contractual forms - for development, manufacturing and private labeling of health products

... contractual forms:

  • Contract manufacturing

  • Private Label


qualities - for development, manufacturing and private labeling of health products

... qualities:

  • High-quality raw materials

  • Natural cosmetic


markets / product segments - for development, manufacturing and private labeling of health products

... markets / product segments:

  • Body care
  • Facial care
  • Dental care
  • Feet care
  • Hand care
  • Hair care
  • and others


target groups - for development, manufacturing and private labeling of health products

... target groups of our customers:

  • Women, Men, Divers
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Seniors
  • People with normal, oily, dry, impure, irritated, mature or sensitive skin


dosages - for development, manufacturing and private labeling of health products

... dosages:

  • Creams (Face cream, foot cream, body cream, etc.)

  • Toothpaste

  • Ointments*

  • Lotions*

  • Gels*

  • Sprays*

* for normal, oily, dry, impure, irritated, mature or sensitive skin


packaging - for development, manufacturing and private labeling of health product

... packaging:

Primary packaging:

  • Crucible

  • Tube

  • Bottle

Secondary packaging:

  • Labeling with inline batch printing

  • Packaging with leaflet in folding boxes

Other types of packaging upon request


What is "Cosmetic"?

Legal definition of "cosmetics"

Cosmetic products are substances or mixtures applied directly to the human body. A distinction is made between cosmetic products that remain on the body after use (leave-on) and those that are removed again during use (rinse-off). Not everything that is applied to the skin is classified as cosmetics. The clear definition provided in the EU Cosmetics Regulation (Article 2 [1] Letter a.) helps to distinguish cosmetic products from e.g. pharmaceuticals, biocides or even food.

According to this, cosmetic products are only used externally and in the oral cavity in order to:

  • clean,

  • perfume,

  • change a person’s appearance,

  • maintain an individual’s good condition, or

  • affect body odour.

You too can benefit from our almost 20 years of experience as a Full Service contract manufacturer -
we will be happy to advise you.

We remain at your disposal for all questions concerning product development, formula development, the production and marketing of Cosmetic products and Natural Cosmetic products. Feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to advise you - personally and tailored precisely to your needs.